Double Helix Artwork (by Chris Trovador).PNG

“Double Helix” is out now!

Double Helix, the multifaceted, good-natured EP by Keenan The First, is centered on the word 'fam' as it’s used in his hometown of Saint Paul, MN. From relentless rap lyrics in "Sweet.Potato.Pie" to melodic, dulcet croons in "IDK," Keenan examines the flexibility of a term that connects his community as closely as it bonds biological families. Keenan's biographical approach to storytelling sits between layers of sizable hip-hop thump and eloquent, live instrumentation, as we discern his graceful leap from lower to middle class in "Every/Thing," and the memoir of his first glimpse of personal income in "New $$$." As much as we are shaped by our upbringings, we are all bonded by the DNA of experience.



Artwork By: Chris Trovador